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Hemel Hempstead

As I’ve just had some ‘Dacorum material fall into my hands (well, we had it all the time but still unpacking!) and with Hemel Hempstead just round the corner from Berko (just 5 miles by boat, 30 minutes by foot, 15 minutes by bike and 10 minutes by bus), I thought one or two readers might be interested as the history of both settlements have been intertwined for centuries.

As well as photos on other pages, I’ve found a leaflet produced by the local history society (apparently in draft form in my copy, Well, actually two leaflets, one just a heritage walk around Adeyfield and the other in much more detail from Lord Reith of the New Town Commission to the 70’s about the new town in general and the first neighbourhood area in particular. I bet you don’t care that my wife first moved into the area (Windmill Road, Adeyfield would you believe and it took her yours to find me!) on February 29th 1952.

In PDF format (single pages at the moment, I’m afraid)

Heritage Walk of Adeyfield  - first page

Heritage Walk of Adeyfield - second page

Adeyfield Heritage Walk - The Route starting from the Queens Square with history

Front & Back (sketch by Peter Wagon dated 1980)

Walk Notes Pages 2/3

Walk Notes Pages 4/5

Walk Notes Pages 6/7

Walk Notes Pages 8/9

Walk Notes Pages 10/11

Centre photo of site

Walk Notes Pages 14/15

Walk Notes Pages 16/17

Walk Notes Pages 18/19

Walk Notes Pages 20/21

Walk Notes Pages 22/23

I hope you find this interesting which, of course, leads onto another find -  Ordinance Survey maps covering both Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.

You will find them HERE.

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For the more adventurous of you, I did make 3 films in and about the area which did well in club competitions (I was Chairman of the Hemel Ciné Society). One a documentary called ‘Hemel-Our Town’ and two comedies -’Travelin Man’ and ‘Aldbury Gateway to the North’. Might be available on something called You Tube apparently uploaded by a relative some time ago.

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