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Sorry guys and gals, it’s been a while since I escaped from Giant Berkhamsted - it used to be Great Berkhamsted, but the commuters and parents of those attending a certain school that is increasingly taking over the town, have all but destroyed what I once knew as my home town, so it seems a pointless task maintaining this site and pretending it’s a great place to live so I’m going to introduce you to a place I’m finding pleasant to live in. This will take a little time, so complain if you want, it won’t make any difference, but you could always try to improve Berkhamsted if you really care!

I still have all the photos, articles and other information that appeared on this site if you are getting withdrawal systems and you can contact me by e-mail if you want copies or any other information that still lingers on my various digital deposit areas - nuffink gets thrown away, believe me! (As my wife will testify). Finally, I’ve prepared a short pdf document with a bit of history about me and Berkhamsted - actually it started as a follow up to the walk round town I did for the Parish Paths Partnership ( look for audio trail one).

Into my grubby hands has come some information regarding Hemel Hempstead new town in the form of a leaflet apparently by the Dacorum History Society in May 1980. I have reproduced it here if you are interested in new town development (near to Berkhamsted afterall)!

So - Welcome to Wanlip - well, here is your starter

The site is divided into sections reflecting our new location:

Wanlip - the hamlet

Birstall - the big village down the road which still thinks it’s a just small village

Finally a new addition, which is somewhere to voice your opinions, make comments or just ask.

Remember, I don’t track you, I fund this all myself and generally, you should be fairly safe and not even social media is considered alien!

Feel free to contact me with good and bad comments as I have broad shoulders and constructive suggestions really are welcome.

I am biased, being a UKIP member with the best bits of Conservative, Lib-Dem and Labour party policies used for my own Independent ends. My past experience means I can often point you in the right direction to resolve problems.

My real success on the last council I was elected on was to point out to both Borough and Town Councils that the law says they are responsible to maintain public clocks. Reluctantly, they both conceded and a public clock that hadn’t worked for over 20 years suddenly was illuminated and new self-correcting mechanism installed. Given the will, anything is possible so don’t just complain and accept something cannot be done. As the Chief Constable (been there, done that) told me when asked what new laws might be useful, just said he had enough laws as they police by consent!

Think about it.

As you came here expecting something about ‘Berko’, here are a few memories to keep you going!


                                        I know it may be difficult to imagine, but where these flats are, was originally

                                                        where the sheep and cattle stayed on the way to market (Three Close Lane) then

                                                         in 1945/6, prefabs were built to home returning servicemen. As dad was in the navy,

                                                        just married with a young son bet you can’t guess who lived in one of the first ones?


I think this is Richard Dealy and myself in the sun/fresh air in the front garden of the

centre of old crescent shaped Beech Drive communal grassed area in front of the prefabs.      



                                                             As a change, this is the fish and chip shop adjacent to the bridge over

                                                             the canal under Gravel Path where many bargees grabbed something to

                                                             eat for the family before going to the pub on the other side of the canal                                                               and ‘road’.

                                                              Currently a residential property with the lock keepers cottage behind and                                    loads                    and a drive alongside to Bridgewater Boats!

© 2019 Norman Cutting

Now for the good news!

Oh, I forgot there isn’t any!

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