In case you are wondering - ‘tis me!          

Sorry guys and gals, but it’s now well over a year since I escaped from Giant Berkhamsted - it used to be Great Berkhamsted, but the commuters and parents of those attending a certain school that is increasingly taking over the town, have all but destroyed what I once knew as my home town, so it seems a pointless tasks maintaining this site and pretending it’s a great place to live so I’m going to introduce you to a place I’m finding pleasant to live in. This will take a little time, so complain if you want, it won’t make any difference, but you could always try to improve Berkhamsted if you really care!

I still have all the photos, articles and other information that appeared on this site if you are getting withdrawal systems and you can contact me by e-mail if you want copies or any other information that still lingers on my various digital deposit areas - nuffink gets thrown away, believe me! (As my wife will testify)

So - Welcome to Wanlip - well, here is your starter

Initial information is here, although I am in the process of expanding it.

While you wait around, why not visit the section of the site that is all about me. This can me found around here!


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